The retrofit is simple and cost effective in implanting the new technology. The following thing has to be taken care of during retrofit.

Decide the Current Rating and the Fault Level.
Matching the Power Isolation Contacts.
Confirming the interlock required as per the current statutory
Ensuring the rigidity of Bus/ Jumper support for the required rated
  Current /Fault Level.
Ensuring the vermin proofing.


It is a cheaper and simpler alternative to enhance the life for the old installation whose service life is almost over or even surpassed.
The benefits of modern technology viz. Vacuum Technology can be made available with minimum installation cost.
The frequency of maintenance can be drastically reduced as VCB used in place of OCB/BOCB/MOCB.

There is no need to store large quantity of costly spares for OCB/BOCB/MOCB which may not be available because its manufacturing became obsolete.
Since OCB/BOCB/MOCB manufacturers have stopped manufacturing the breakers, their spares may not be available and even from someone who closest to the relative switchgears, Inc.

We the GENERAL ENGINEERING AND SERVICES had done no’s of retro-fitting’s  for the old existing HT MOCBS. We proudly says that, We are specialist to do the retrofitting for old existing EASUN(EASWARAN), GEC,SIEMENS, SOUTHERN SWITCHGEARS, CROMPTON GREAVES make HT MOCB & BOCB panels.

We are also being certified by many for whom we been placed for retrofitting.


RATING : 6.6 KV 1600 AMPS ; TYPE : GEVB 007
RATING : 11 KV , 1600 AMPS ; TYPE : GEVB 007
RATING : 22 KV, 1250 AMPS ; TYPE : GEVB 008
RATING : 33 KV, 1600 AMPS ; TYPE : GEVB 009
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